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Ah-So Chicken Wings Baked

Baked Chicken Wings with Ah-So Sauce: Deep Secrets of Flavor

Baked Chicken Wings with Ah-So Sauce is a light and satisfying dish that brings the mysterious flavors of Asia to your kitchen. This unique recipe consists of perfectly balanced chicken wings, cooked to perfection, and then given a special burst of flavor with Ah-So sauce.

This delectable dish carries the traces of Asian culinary culture that can be felt in every bite, while adding elegance to your table with its easy preparation and burst of flavor.

Ah-So Sauce is a special blend of sweet and savory notes. This sauce adds a sweet shine to the cooked chicken wings and delights the palate with its slight bitterness.

The chicken wings are marinated in salt and pepper before being grilled or baked in the oven until they are cooked to perfection. The finishing touch is the Ah-So sauce, which is applied to the chicken wings for a special burst of flavor.

Baked Chicken Wings with Ah-So Sauce is not only a quick meal preparation option, but also a great opportunity to make your table special.

This recipe is a practical and delicious option for when you want to impress your guests or have an enjoyable dinner with the family. Now, it’s time to bring this Asian-inspired flavor to your home!

Ah-So Chicken Wings Baked

Recipe by Amelia Windley


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 1 kg chicken wings

  • Salt and pepper (to marinate the chicken)

  • 1 cup Ah-So sauce


  • Wash the chicken wings and pat dry with paper towels. Then lightly marinate with salt and pepper and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
  • Cook the chicken on the grill or in the oven until golden brown. Optionally, you can turn them occasionally so that they cook evenly.
  • Put the cooked chicken wings in a bowl and mix well with the Ah-So sauce. Dip the chicken in the mixture to ensure that the sauce is well coated.
  • Place the chicken with Ah-So sauce on a serving plate, garnish with the greens of your choice and serve hot.


  • When choosing chicken wings, take care to use fresh and quality ingredients. The skin of your chickens will be crispy when frying and the inside should be perfectly cooked.
  • Marinating the chicken with salt and pepper will help the flavour penetrate deeply. If possible, allow enough time to marinate the chicken. This allows the flavours to penetrate better into the chicken.
  • You can cook the chicken using a grill or oven. If using a grill, turn the chicken at regular intervals to ensure even cooking. If you are using an oven, cook the chicken until golden brown.
  • When applying the Ah-So sauce to the chicken, take care to mix it well. Evenly distributing the sauce all over the chicken ensures that every bite meets this special taste.
  • Before serving, you can garnish the chicken wings with freshly chopped greens or sesame seeds. This helps you to make a visually appealing presentation and enriches the flavour.
  • After the Ah-So sauce is applied to the chicken wings, check the density. Depending on the need, you can add more sauce or reduce the amount of sauce, thus ensuring a perfect balance between flavours.
  • By following these tricks, you can make your Baked Chicken Wings with Ah-So Sauce recipe more flavourful and authentic. Happy cooking and bon appetit!

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