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Beef Bottom Round Steak Recipes

“Beef Bottom Round Steak recipe is a dish prepared with care that maximises the flavour and softness of the meat. This recipe will delight the palates of meat lovers and offers a flavour that can be prepared with pleasure at home with its practical preparation.

Beef bottom round steak is a recipe especially made by grilling or pan-frying, and it is possible to obtain a magnificent flavour with a few simple ingredients.

Beef bottom round steak is made with meat obtained from the bottom round part, which is a special cut. This cut contains the flavourful texture and firmness of the meat, so an excellent result can be achieved with the right cooking method.

The simple ingredients used in our recipe, such as oil, garlic, salt and black pepper, bring out the natural flavour of the meat and offer a truly satisfying taste.

Beef Bottom Round Steak recipe has a wide range of uses from special invitation tables to daily family meals. Whether it’s a special dinner or a quick weeknight alternative, this recipe offers a flavour that everyone can easily achieve and will enjoy sharing with their loved ones.

Now, we can step into the kitchen by preparing our ingredients to start our flavour journey.”

Beef Bottom Round Steak Recipes

Recipe by Amelia Windley


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 4 beef bottom round steaks

  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil

  • 2 cloves of garlic (optional, grated or chopped)

  • Salt and black pepper (according to taste)

  • 1 tsp thyme (optional)


  • Let the beef bottom round steaks stand at room temperature.
  • Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the steaks to the pan and brown them well on both sides.
  • Add the garlic, sprinkle over the steaks and fry a little more.
  • Season with salt, pepper and thyme to taste.
  • Cooking time may vary depending on the thickness of the steaks. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side to achieve a medium-rare consistency.
  • Leave the cooked steaks to rest, then slice and serve.


  • Correct Meat Selection: It is important to choose quality meat for a delicious Veal Bottom Round Steak. Make sure the meat is fresh and buy it from the butcher if possible.
  • Keeping at Room Temperature: Keeping your meat at room temperature for a while after removing it from the refrigerator before cooking helps the meat to cook more homogeneously.
  • Marinating: You can add more flavour to your meat by marinating it in advance. A marinade made with ingredients such as garlic, pepper and olive oil will add a pleasant aroma to your meat.
  • Cooking Temperature: Veal Bottom Round Steak achieves the best results by roasting or grilling at high temperatures. The high heat ensures that the outside of the meat is nicely browned and the inside is cooked to perfection.
  • Resting Time: Leaving the meat to rest after cooking improves its flavour. It allows the water in the meat to dissipate, allowing you to get a juicier result.
  • Service Suggestion: Beef Bottom Round Steak goes perfectly with fresh vegetables or potatoes. You can also enrich the flavour by adding a special sauce or garnish.
  • By following these tips, you can make your Beef Bottom Round Steak recipe more delicious and satisfying. Bon Appetit!

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