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Recipe Polk Salad

For those looking for a polk salad recipe, this delicious salad offers more than just flavour. Polk is a root vegetable rich in antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C.

The recipe combines freshly chopped polk, along with the other colourful vegetables in the salad, with nutrients that are important for your health.

Besides being easy to make, this salad, which contains various vitamins and minerals, offers a light and satisfying option.

Whether it is lunch or dinner, polk salad recipe can be a perfect way to add health and flavour to your table.

Recipe Polk Salad

Recipe by Burcu Yavuz


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  • 2 pieces of fresh polk

  • 2 pieces of carrot

  • 1/2 head of red cabbage

  • 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds

  • Half a bunch of fresh coriander or parsley

  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil

  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

  • Salt and black pepper (according to taste)


  • Chop or grate the fresh polk and carrots into thin strips.
  • Chop or grate the red cabbage into thin strips.
  • Put the chopped ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
  • Add the pomegranate seeds and chopped fresh coriander or parsley.
  • Prepare the dressing by mixing olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper in a separate bowl.
  • Add the prepared dressing to the vegetables and blend all the ingredients well.
  • Rest the salad in the refrigerator for a while.
  • Place the cooled salad on a serving plate and garnish with sliced lemon and serve.


  • Use Fresh Ingredients: The flavour of Polk salad comes from fresh and quality ingredients. If possible, choose organic and seasonal ingredients.
  • Finely Chop or Grate Ingredients: Chopping or grating polk, carrots and red cabbage into thin strips enhances the flavour of the salad and allows the ingredients to better absorb the dressing.
  • Add the dressing just before serving: Adding the dressing before serving the salad preserves the freshness and crunch of the ingredients. It also ensures that the salad is completely covered by the dressing.
  • Flavour with Pomegranate Seeds: Pomegranate seeds are a great way to add sweetness and extra flavour to the salad. The fresh and bright colours of the pomegranate add visual elegance to your salad.
  • Balance the Olive Oil: Olive oil enriches the flavour of the salad, but should not be overused. Add it in moderation to achieve a balanced dressing with salt and pepper.
  • Resting Time: Resting the salad in the refrigerator for a while helps the ingredients absorb the dressing better. However, be careful not to keep it too long to keep it fresh and crispy.
  • Add Lemon: Adding sliced lemon during service can be a great way to add freshness and a slightly acidic flavour to the salad.
  • Serving Suggestion: When serving Polk salad, use a colourful plate or salad bowl to add visual appeal.
  • By taking these tips into consideration, you can make polk salad more delicious and attractive, and have a healthy table experience. Happy cooking and bon appetit!

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